Forbidden “wild” animals in Dutch circuses

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Alright. Normally I wouldn’t post very long (and boring) stories on Facebook, but today I will.

Today, or yesterday – when I finally finish this story – is the day all circuses in the Netherlands have to abandon their “wild” animals.

I know some of you think that animals like tigers and elephants do not belong in circuses and you might be right. But, I think it is worse to also forbid the existing circus animals. Because that’s what they are, circus animals. The animals in circuses are no “wild animals” as the Dutch like to call them. These animals were born and raised in the circus. This is their life, they never have been “wild”.

I could agree to the fact that animals do not belong in trailers and trucks and that they don’t have to travel hundreds of miles every month, but I also know that the circus people LOVE their animals. They threat them well. No, the people in the circuses threat their animals like if they are freaking goddesses. Some people having “normal pets” could actually learn from the circus people!

These animals have become family of the circus like all the people working there. It’s one big family and now the circus families have to abandon their biggest members of their families. Why can’t we make an exception for the existing circus animals? For all the elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys, horses, dogs, cats, whatever animals any circus has, why can’t we just let them stay with their family? What the government agreed to now is way worse!

It really hurts me seeing all those circuses losing friends, lovers, family members. I cannot believe this is really happening.. Why can’t we think just a little bit more and see we are doing something wrong? I don’t have a strong opinion about new animals in circuses – because I can see both sides – but I do have a strong opinion about the existing CIRCUS animals. So, just let us be rational and let them be with their family for now. We are not taking away your loved cat, dog, alpaca or goldfish too, right?