Hello to my international friends,


My name is Kelly and I love to fly in the air with my Silks (Tissue) and my Hoop! If you like to view some photos and videos of my performances, you can click on “Portfolio” and “Blog”. Every photo there has its own story (I’m sorry, it’s all in Dutch), but you’re able to view the photos and videos.


Aerial Silks / Fabrics / Tissue 

This discipline is my favorite. I’ll climb into two silks up to 9 meters high! The possibility of flexibility, grace, dancing, climbing, dropping in these silks makes me so passionate to train as much as I can in the silks. I’d love to train my skills. I’d love to perform on a stage, in a tree, in a circus, everywhere! The silks are my passion.



Aerial Hoop / Lyra 

It’s also possible to fly in a ring of steel: an aerial hoop! It’s more static than the silks are, but there are great possibilities in this ring. You can turn and fly in the way you’ll like it. You cannot vary a lot in height, because the hoop mostly is something like 90 cm high. It is different from the silks, but it is nice to fly in a hoop too!

DSC_0094-2KJ (Medium)



I train myself and I do the choreography of my performances by myself. I don’t have a trainer or a coach and that’s what makes my act unique: I make my own movements and connections. I’ve had a lot of performances since my television tribute on Holland’s Got Talent in February and May 2012, where I reached the semi-Finals! I also traveled with Circus Renz Berlin in Holland, I performed for Circus Barani, I’ve had several performances for gymnastics clubs and I’ve had a lot of other performances.

My acts are unique and perfect for every event, festival, circus, opening event and every other occasion! For bookings, mail me via “Contact”!



Workshops and lessons 

I also give workshops and lessons. If you’d like to gain more information about Aerial Silks or Aerial Hoop lessons / workshops, feel free to mail me by filling in the contact form.



For every other question, you can contact me by filling in the contact form when clicking on “Contact”.